Within the framework of international legal collaboration, Attorney David S. Robinson, a Shareholder at Maynard Nexsen - an esteemed law firm based in the US and a member of LAWorld - visited REFINY Law Firm in Vietnam. The meeting between two LAWorld members from different areas to explore various legal aspects related to commercial, intellectual property, and investment in both Vietnam and the United States.

Mr. David S. Robinson (left) took commemorative photos with REFINY’s attorneys (Mrs. Helen – middle & Mr. Tommy – right).

Maynard Nexsen (see:, a distinguished member of LAWorld representing the North and South Carolinas, stands as one of the largest law firms in the Southeastern United States. Established in 1945, the firm has since evolved into a multi-specialty legal powerhouse headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, boasting a robust team of over 170 attorneys and operating across eight strategically located offices. Their comprehensive legal services encompass an extensive array of practice areas, notably corporate and business services, intellectual property, litigation, healthcare, employment law, bankruptcy, insolvency, and international advisory. Maynard Nexsen's remarkable scale and diverse practice areas position them as a formidable player in the legal landscape, catering to a broad spectrum of clients, from local businesses to international corporations. Their ability to adapt to evolving legal landscapes, coupled with a commitment to providing specialized and top-tier legal services, solidifies their position as a leader in the legal arena across the Carolinas and beyond.

Drawing on his extensive experience and deep understanding of international law, as well as his role as a veteran LAWorld member, Attorney David introduced and shared valuable insights about LAWorld with REFINY— an international legal network connecting lawyers and law firms. This exchange aims to foster deeper connections and strengthen collaboration between legal professionals across borders, enriching the global legal community. LAWorld has continued to facilitate such meetings, opening up collaborative opportunities and seamless legal support capabilities, ensuring clients receive top-notch legal expertise wherever their business takes them.

The meeting at REFINY marks an important step towards promoting international legal understanding and cooperation. Attorney David, alongside legal experts from REFINY, participated in discussions on commercial and intellectual property issues. The exchange of knowledge and insights provided valuable perspectives on solving complex legal issues in both Vietnam and the United States.

The main focus of the discussions revolved around understanding and addressing intellectual property concerns—an essential aspect of international business. Furthermore, the parties explored strategies for legal support activities aimed at connecting potential investment customers in both Vietnam and the United States.

International law is a multifaceted domain that demands a deep understanding of legal frameworks, cultural differences, and diverse business practices across nations. Attorney David's expertise in this realm has proven invaluable in providing legal guidance to clients navigating international business ventures.

Discussions during the visit emphasized the importance of staying updated with the evolving legal landscapes in both Vietnam and the United States. Understanding and complying with legal regulations are essential for businesses to thrive in foreign markets, minimize risks, and ensure the protection of their assets.

Mr. Tommy (Managing Partner of REFINY) and Mr. David (Shareholder of Maynard Nexsen)

The collaborative meeting between Attorney David S. Robinson and legal experts from REFINY marked a significant stride towards fostering international legal cooperation in general and between LAWorld members in particular. The visit to REFINY exemplifies the effort to foster mutually beneficial relationships and advance legal understanding between legal professionals in different parts of the world.

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