When conducting business on international e-commerce platforms, sellers may face the risk of receiving notifications from the sales platform and/or payment gateway that their accounts will be suspended, causing significant damage to their operations. This may indicate that the seller has become the respondent in a case under the jurisdiction of a country where they operate.

To quickly restore their business operations, sellers may consider negotiating with the plaintiff to resolve the case through an agreement that involves compensating a reasonable amount to be withdrawn from the case. Alternatively, if the seller has a strong position, they can pursue the case with the help of an experienced international lawyer to assert their position and claim damages caused by the plaintiff's illegal actions.

Under US law, willful infringement of intellectual property rights can result in liability of up to $1,000,000. Additionally, sellers are at risk of having their sales accounts deleted on commercial platforms, which can cause significant damage to their business operations.

Regardless of the circumstances, it is critical for the seller to properly assess their position in the case in order to take reasonable legal action. Our company provides dispute resolution services for these cases, leveraging our experience and expertise to minimize risks for sellers.

We understand that navigating legal issues can be daunting for sellers, especially in a foreign country. Our team of experts can provide guidance and support to sellers throughout the dispute resolution process, ensuring that their legal rights and interests are protected. We work closely with sellers to understand their unique situation and develop a strategic approach to resolve the dispute in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

In conclusion, the risks associated with conducting business on international e-commerce platforms can be significant. When faced with legal issues, it is essential for sellers to properly assess their position and take reasonable legal action. Our company can provide the necessary support and expertise to minimize risks and navigate these challenges successfully.