In a significant stride towards global collaboration in the realm of intellectual property (IP), Mr. Beom Joon KIM, a Patent & Trademark Attorney, and the President of SJ PARTNERS Int'l Patent Law Firm (, paid a working visit to the REFINY office on November 24, 2023. This meeting aimed to explore potential collaboration opportunities and address crucial issues related to Intellectual Property (IP) in the Vietnamese territory.

SJ PARTNERS leads in patent consulting, boasting a team of experienced patent attorneys and collaborative legal experts with diverse experiences in intellectual property. The firm's extensive range of services encompasses establishing and protecting intellectual property rights to handling legal disputes related to patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and copyrights. SJ PARTNERS is known for its commitment to accurately and promptly resolving client issues, providing comprehensive solutions. 

Some key discussion points of this meeting:

One of the primary areas of concern during the working visit was the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Vietnam. Mr. Kim expressed a keen interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities in this field, emphasizing the need for effective strategies to protect intellectual assets in the rapidly developing business landscape of Vietnam.

The discussion delved into specific intellectual property issues prevalent in Vietnam, with a focus on patents and trademarks. Mr. Kim wanted to gain insights into establishing intellectual property rights, potential challenges faced by businesses, and methods for navigating the intricacies of intellectual property law in the region.

Both parties engaged in constructive dialogue to explore the potential for collaboration between SJ PARTNERS and REFINY. The discussion revolved around identifying areas of mutual interest and coordination, with an emphasis on collaborative development in providing comprehensive intellectual property solutions. 

Mr. Beom Joon KIM - President of SJ PARTNERS and Mr. Tommy – Managing Partner of REFINY

After an insightful and productive discussion, the working visit ended with the parties taking souvenir photos. The meeting laid the foundations for a promising future of collaboration, where the expertise of SJ PARTNERS and the strategic insights of REFINY could combine to address the evolving challenges in the global intellectual property landscape. This meeting signifies a commitment to fostering international partnerships that will contribute to the advancement of innovation, the protection of intellectual assets, and the overall growth of businesses in the global market.

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