On January 18, REFINY LAW FIRM marked a significant occasion as it welcomed Mr. Bryan Davis, the esteemed founder of Teddy Stratford Apparel, as a client in the United States. The meeting unfolded at REFINY's office and set the stage for a promising partnership between the two entities.

REFINY and Mr. Bryan took souvenirs photos and exchanged gifts in celebration of partnership

About Teddy Stratford Apparel: Mr. Bryan Davis founded Teddy Stratford Apparel (https://www.teddystratford.com/) in 2014, and since then, the brand has experienced outstanding growth. One of Teddy Stratford's hallmark achievements is the patented Zip Fit shirt, a revolutionary take on the traditional button-down. 

The meeting between REFINY and Mr. Bryan Davis was marked by an intimate and open conversation. Both parties delved into the status of ongoing projects and explored avenues for future cooperation. Mr. Davis expressed a keen interest in partnering with REFINY on various projects, with a particular focus on ventures related to intellectual property. 

Mr. Tommy, the Director of REFINY, emphasized the importance of aligning with clients, partners who share a common vision and mission. He identified Teddy Stratford as such an important client and expressed confidence in the potential for successful collaborations in the future. The meeting laid the groundwork for agreements that pave the way for cooperative ventures in numerous upcoming projects.

The collaboration between REFINY and Teddy Stratford holds immense promise for both entities. As Mr. Davis expressed his desire to contribute to future projects, especially those related to intellectual property, the partnership is poised to flourish. 

REFINY’s IP Enforcement Dept. and Mr. Bryan, with his friend, took souvenirs photos at Vietnamese cuisine restaurant

Beyond the business discussions, the meeting showcased a delightful cultural exchange. Following the conversation, IP Enforcement Department of REFINY and Mr. Davis, with his friend, shared a meal featuring Vietnamese cuisine. Mr. Davis, visibly excited, embraced the chance to experience the unique flavors of a new country. The gathering provided an opportunity for Mr. Davis to learn about Vietnamese cuisine, culture, and people.

The meeting between REFINY Law Firm and Teddy Stratford Apparel marks a pivotal step forward in their collaborative relationship. The shared commitment to future projects, coupled with the mutual understanding of values, promises a fruitful partnership. As both entities look forward to embarking on new ventures, the occasion reinforces the importance of fostering strong connections and creating opportunities for growth in the dynamic world of law and fashion.

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