Hanoi, December 01, 2023 - Within the framework of the National E-Commerce Week and the 10th Online Friday Shopping Day, the E-Commerce Development Conference was held in Hanoi with a crucial theme: "Sustainable E-Commerce Development - Enhancing Consumer Protection in Online Transactions". This event marks a significant milestone in the formation and development of e-commerce (E-commerce) in Vietnam.

Acknowledging the Remarkable Development of Vietnamese E-commerce

Mr. Do Thang Hai - Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade spoke at the Conference

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr. Đỗ Thắng Hải, summarized the success of Vietnamese E-commerce over the past decade in his opening speech. From initial unfamiliarity, E-commerce has become a vital pillar contributing to the digital economic growth of Vietnam. Impressive growth figures ranging from 16-30% per year and an estimated market scale of USD 20.5 billion in 2023 demonstrate that E-commerce is not just a trend but an indispensable component of Vietnam's digital economy.

Despite its success, E-commerce faces challenges such as product origin verification, information security, slow logistics infrastructure adaptation, and consumer trust in online transactions. To address these challenges, Deputy Minister Đỗ Thắng Hải proposed that the Online Friday Program focus on the mission of sustainable development, particularly in protecting the rights of consumers and participating entities.

How to Ensure Sustainable E-commerce Development?

Ms. Le Hoang Oanh - Director of the E-Commerce and Digital Economy Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade spoke at the Conference

Ms. Lê Hoàng Oanh - Director of the E-Commerce and Digital Economy Department, Ministry of Industry and Trade, added that sustainable development not only involves achieving positive growth but also ensuring balance so that no one is left behind. This must align with green trends, environmental protection, and, notably, the protection of consumer rights.

During the conference, the Department of E-commerce and Digital Economy played a leading and closely coordinated role with the leadership of the Vietnam Industry and Trade Newspaper, representatives of Deli Office Supplies, E-commerce Platforms, and leading technology companies, sharing many solutions to promote E-commerce development in tandem with consumer protection.

Government agencies, E-commerce platforms, payment intermediaries, and banks signed agreements and participated in the Digital Ecosystem to protect consumer rights and ensure safe and sustainable E-commerce transactions.

Creating Opportunities for Discussion and Policy Development

The Panel Discussion "Digital Ecosystem Solutions to Enhance Consumer Protection and Engage Entities in E-commerce Activities in Vietnam" garnered significant attention from the business community. Opinions and recommendations presented by organizations at the conference opened up additional opportunities to improve the current legal framework and policies on protecting consumer rights in the online environment.

Mrs. Helen and Ms. Airis - Representatives of REFINY attended the Conference

Representatives from REFINY Law Firm also attended this conference to listen and discuss the theme of sustainable development in E-commerce in Vietnam. REFINY, with a mission to become a leading law firm in the field of E-commerce, focuses on providing professional and effective legal services for businesses and consumers to protect intellectual property and resolve complex legal issues in the international business environment. REFINY continues to commit its efforts not only to support businesses and consumers but also to contribute to the development of a solid legal infrastructure for the sustainable development of E-commerce in Vietnam.

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