The United States is the country attracting the highest foreign investment in the world, and also a country with a thriving economy, a spearhead in the world's leading commodity export. To answer the question of why you should set up a company in the US and for businesses to find out what are the advantages of setting up a company in the US, Refiny would like to give you some basic information for you to consider. Businesses know the following:


1 .Reasons to set up a company in the US.


1.1. Justice in the legal system.

This is considered the most typical strength of the US compared to many countries in the world. The United States is a country that rejects monarchy, they create a federal government with 3 separate branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. While one branch performs the assigned functions, it is still subject to the inspection and supervision of the other two branches.

Companies are treated equally in the United States and are subject to the same laws. In the US, foreign investors are free to transfer capital, profits, physical infrastructure, etc. That shows no discrimination in case of investment-related disputes.

1.2  Resources in the United States.

The United States is considered the country with the largest concentration of educated people in the world, so the management of the people is through some social security, while also being managed through the national computer system. . In the United States, there is no population management according to hukou or similar documents, so people have the right to live anywhere in the United States.

1.3. Simple, low cost and fast registration procedure.

When customers open a company in the US through our company Refiny, it is also expanding new business opportunities.

The current need to open a company in the United States with foreign companies is extremely large and there are many types to establish depending on the laws of each state and different types of business.

1.4 Law on Intellectual Property in the United States

It can be said that the protection of intellectual property rights of authors in the United States is very well known. The effectiveness of the executive branch has helped the United States always have advanced inventions that have an impact on the development of mankind, creating wealth and prosperity for the economy.

Therefore, when businesses establish a company in the United States with unique products, they will be extremely assured when they are protected by the US state about the uniqueness of the products they provide.


2. Main types of companies that Refiny supports.


As mentioned above, in the United States, there are many types of companies that businesses can choose from, usually foreigners choose the type of limited liability company (LLC), this is also the type that businesses can choose from. Refiny main support.

With this type, the organizational structure is stable and relatively long-term. Advantages of establishing an LLC, Refiny summarizes in 3 main points as follows:

  • The owners have limited liability for the company's debts to the extent of their contributed capital.
  • Profits and losses that the company brings are not necessarily distributed according to the ownership ratio.
  • This type of company can choose to pay taxes as a joint stock company or as a partnership.


3. The process of setting up an LLC in the United States.


In order for businesses to clearly and briefly understand the process that Refiny supports to establish an LLC in the United States, we will give 2 basic steps that businesses need to understand as follows:

3.1. Identify the potential of the business.

  • The field of activity that the company is aiming for
  • Charter capital of the company.
  • The state established the company that the business aimed at. Refiny offers businesses 3 states to choose from: New Mexico (NM), Delaware (DE) and Wyoming (WM).

3.2. Steps to set up a company

  • Information and preparation materials.
  • Company name (business needs to prepare 02 options).
  • Contact information such as: Domain name, phone number, email, email password...
  • Photo or Scan of the business owner's passport and identity document.
  • Personal information of business owners such as: Experience, social network accounts or Linkedin ...
  • Website of the business.
  • Documents verifying business information such as: Bank Statement - photo or scanned document in bilingual Vietnamese - English.
  • And some information in the process of establishing the company.
  • After having the necessary information, Refiny will assist businesses in submitting the company registration form (according to forms 2848 and SS-4).
  • After receiving successful company registration information, Refiny will continue to apply for a US corporate tax number, called Employer Identification Number (EIN) so that the company can operate.
  • When receiving the EIN number, Refiny will notify the business to take the final step of establishing an LLC in the United States, which is to open a payment account for the company, usually there are 2 payment methods. that Refiny recommends businesses to sign up for are PayPal and Stripe.