On September 25, 2023, Mr. Tommy Nguyen, Managing Partner of REFINY LAW FIRM, visited Shenzhen, China, to bolster international legal collaboration and broaden knowledge horizons. Hosted by Ms. Angel Ho, Managing Director of SHENZHEN HONGDA SERVICE LTD., a branch of HONGDA BUSINESS SERVICES, the visit was centered on strengthening cooperation with Hongda Business Services. The primary objectives were engaging in substantive dialogues concerning investment regulations in China, investigating markets of interest to Chinese investors such as Turkey and Russia, and augmenting measures for intellectual property protection for Vietnamese investors.

Ms. Angel Ho (Managing Director of SHENZHEN HONGDA SERVICE) and Mr. Tommy Nguyen (Managing Partner of REFINY LAW FIRM) at HONGDA Office.

The meeting was meticulously planned and orchestrated, aimed at leveraging the wealth of expertise and experience offered by both parties. The first agenda was to delve into recent updates in investment regulations in China, with a particular focus on markets such as Turkey and Russia, which have been garnering interest from Chinese investors. This vital information would serve as a compass for Vietnamese investors seeking new avenues of investment.

In addition, the discussion extended to the crucial topic of intellectual property rights (IPR) in China. Given the prevalent trend of Vietnamese sellers sourcing products from Chinese factories, understanding and safeguarding IPR becomes paramount. Discussions revolved around the procedures for registering trademarks, copyrights, inventions, and industrial designs in China. This insight will enable REFINY to guide their clients effectively and ensure the necessary protections are in place when conducting business with Chinese manufacturers.

Furthermore, the meeting provided an opportunity to review the status of documents that REFINY had been coordinating with Hongda Business Services for their customers. This evaluation ensures that the legal procedures are on track and aligned with the interests of the clients.

The exchange of expertise and knowledge was facilitated in a congenial and professional environment, allowing both parties to understand the legal landscape in their respective countries better. Both parties expressing their eagerness to forge deeper collaboration. The aim is to extend their support and offer comprehensive legal services to clients not only in Vietnam and China but on a global scale.

In conclusion, this visit underscored the importance of international collaborations in the legal domain, emphasizing the need to continuously update knowledge and stay informed about legal frameworks in various jurisdictions. The future holds promise for strengthened partnerships, allowing for more efficient support and legal assistance to businesses and investors seeking to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

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